The Photo Album of Ulster                      15 August – 30 August 2015

SommeOur photo albums give a fascinating insight into our private and public histories – revealing details about how people lived and worked that official histories often overlook. 

The Photo Album of Ulster is an archival research project inviting people from across Ulster to digitally share their family photographs. Funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs Reconciliation Fund, this cross- border, cross community project is researching and exploring themes of cultural identity, conflict, emigration and the effects of partition on border communities. The project explores the social role of photography in documenting our lives and recording our memories. This emerging democratic archive is a celebration of ordinary and extraordinary histories, viewed from the perspective of private individuals.  

The exhibition presents a selection of photographs generously contributed by families across Ulster: the Beyer family from Armagh and the U.S., the Scott and  Roulston families from Donegal, the McKee family from County Down, the Clerkin, Conlon, Knight and Madden families from Monaghan, the Cassidy, McKay, and McKeown families from County Antrim, and `the Shackleton family from Cavan,. The archive is continuing to build – further archival scanning sessions are scheduled for Cavan, Belfast and County L’Derry.

Talks and events:

Gallery of Photography, Dublin Panel discussion
On Wednesday 26th of August  a public discussion on work of  the Photo Album of Ulster archive was led by contributors: George Knight, Monaghan, Laurence McKeown, Antrim, Peter McKee and Dermot Scott, Donegal will talk about their family archive and their own perspective on the archiving of family histories. Curator Trish Lambe and Shirley Clerkin, Heritage Officer.

Monaghan Scanning session and talk:
Market House Monaghan, Saturday 22nd August organised by the Monaghan Heritage and Arts Office as part of their Heritage Week Programme.

Conlon family visiting the Gettysburg Memorial to the Fighting Irish Brigade in Pennsylvania, U.S.

Conlon family visiting the Gettysburg Memorial to the Fighting Irish Brigade in Pennsylvania, U.S.

The project is funded by 
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Reconciliation Fund, 

Gallery of Photography and

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Monaghan Heritage and Arts Office

Monaghan_heritage The Photo Album of Ulster is a Gallery of Photography Ireland project organised in partnership with our touring partners
Donegal County Museum and
Monaghan County Heritage and Arts Office.