Our first scanning event organised with our touring partners at Galway City Museum took place on Saturday 18th October. Many thanks to Brendan and the superb staff at the museum for facilitating the event.¬† This well informed group are active in local history and took part in a lively discussion and projection event led by researcher/archivist Maeve O’Neill.¬† We look forward to returning in a few week for a projection event which will be projected onto the front window of the beautiful facade of the museum www.galwaycitymuseum.ie

Photograph of Grainne Mary White Clune photgraph by Fr Browne

Photograph of Grainne Mary White Clune photographed by Fr Browne c.1940s

The photograph on the left shows Brendan talking to Grainne Mary White Clune about her family archive of photographs. Grainne Mary’s father was a close friend of one of Ireland’s best loved photographers¬† Fr Browne. Grainne Mary’s collection included photographs of her as a baby and young child (above) taken by Fr Browne.